Ural Union of Guides (УРСЭГ) is a non-profit organization created to coordinate working process, to protect rights of guides as well as to represent interests of guides in the government and international organizations.

 The main goals of the Union are to unite guides, protect their professional and legal rights, to establish professional relations and business collaborations with colleagues from the regions of Russian Federation and other countries.

We are targeted at improving the quality of work by providing new information in the field of tourisms and related topics, by monitoring the work of the guides in the Ural Region and developing professional standards of a guiding profession.

Ural Union of Guides is interested in providing quality service of guided tours in the Urals and Sverdlovsk Region, improving the quality in the hospitality area, hosting conferences, seminars and round tables.


Main tasks of the Union:

- Providing a database and other information systems for the effective work of the members of the Union. Providing information, consultations and methodical help for the Union members  

- Representing the interests of the Union members in the government

- Collaboration with companies in tourism industry

- Assistance in hosting conferences, seminars, fairs and exhibitions in order to develop tourism and promoting a guiding profession

- Assistance in training specialists, organization of internship and other methods of improving qualification of guides and  quality of tours and excursions

- Assistance in developing new tours and themes of new excursions

- Finding ways of resolving problems in guiding service

- Assessment of the present state of touristic resources in Sverdlovsk Region

- Sharing experience and discussing the main issues of the guiding profession

- Participation in certifying guides in accordance with legislation of Russian Federation